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Part 2: 1970 - 1974


SINGLES:  [more info]

Ballad of Brother Lew / Nobody Wants To Shine
(Mantra 101) 1971

One More Day / You've Been Here Before
(Mu 101/2) 1972

On Our Way To Hana / Too Naked For Demetrius
(Mu 103/4) 1973



vinyl (ERA/RTV 300) 1971
The original release with silver foil back cover and lyric sheet.

vinyl (CASS 100) 1972
Reissue of the first album. The same cover as the ERA release was used but there was no lyric sheet. Very rare.

vinyl (United Artists UAG 29709) 1974
UK issue of the first album. 

[more info]

The Last Album
vinyl (Appaloosa AP 017) 1981
Italian release of tracks for the shelved second album recorded on Maui in 1974

[more info]

Children Of The Rainbow
vinyl (Blue Form BF1) 1985
Includes some of The Last Album plus some tracks not issued on other albums. A limited edition of (I believe) only 300, or possibly 1000.

[more info]

vinyl (Reckless RECK 4) 1988(?)
Reissue of first album

End Of An Era
vinyl (Reckless RECK 7) 1988
Reissue of The Last Album

Land Of MU
vinyl (Reckless RECK 7)  1988
unreleased 3 LP set

[more info]

vinyl (Akarma AK209) 2002
Reissue of first album with four extra tracks.

[more info]

vinyl (Morning Dew MD) 2006
Reissue of first album with original cover.

vinyl (Guerssen Records - Spain GUESS 118LP) 2013
Reissue of first album with original cover. Remastered on 180g vinyl with four page insert of liner notes by Patrick Lundberg


Best of MU
CD(Reckless CDReck 4) 1988

[more info]

MU - The Band From The Lost Continent: Complete Maui Recordings
CD (Xotic Mind XOTIC CD1) 1995

This features the two albums plus singles tracks

CD (Sundazed SC11037)  1997

The same as the XOTIC release above this features the two albums plus singles tracks

[more info]

The Last Album
CD (Akarma AK258) 2003

Includes the 14 songs from the vinyl release plus an additional 8 tracks.

[more info]


Merrell Fankhauser


The Maui Album
(Reckless RECK10) 1988
Reissue of the 1975 album, Merrell's first solo after the break-up of MU. This reissued version included four of the last songs recorded by MU in 1974.


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